Sunday, 13 March 2011

Painting week 2: Canberra Day means ART day!

So yesterday I showed the initial sketch for this painting. Now to work on the initial background layers. Building up and up. This gives a result that is unfortunately not as detailed as the original pencil sketch but it gives a finish that you can then go over to touch up or leave as is.
Step 1: Setting up a work space
Laying in colour 1: Grey 
Laying out colour 2: Burnt sienna
Laying out colour 3: Black
Laying out colour 4: White
It is important to out whites. You have to remember that you are creating coats and layers.
Second coat:
The second coat works to  build the colour and to get rid of the canvas texture. Part of me wants to keep the canvas texture for the veil. (It is here that I noticed that he kind of looks like ObiWan
Now to let it dry and work on the third and fourth coats.
Here is a photo of what it looks like versus the real photo and sketch


  1. Good job on the eyes! There's something about the eyes in the original photo and you've managed to capture it in the painting.

  2. It's looking great, can't believe you have done so much already!