Wednesday, 2 March 2011

90 minute movie painting challenge: Justice League New Frontier

Its time for this weeks 90 minute drawing challenge. This week its the 2008 film: Justice League:New Frontier which runs for 1 hour 14 minutes. In this weeks challenge I'm doing an acrylic painting. So lets get right down to it!
So before I get into the results lets go over the rules: 
  1.   Choose a film
  2. Choose a character or theme for a pic
  3. You have from the opening scene to the closing credit of said movie to attempt to finish this picture related to said movie
  4.  Sketches and layout is allowed but are included in the drawing time. The more you sketch, the less time you have to draw your final piece.
  5. Once the movie is finished (pencils or whatever medium you are using) down.
Just like last week I thought I might go through the tools I used in this challenge.
In this picture:
  • Easel
  • Brushes
  • Paint
  • Gel Medium
  • Palette
Not pictured:
  • Canvas (on this challenge I'm using a 50x76cm or 20"x30" clean edge canvas)
  • Apron
  • Tea Towel

The Gel medium was mixed with this paint to give the paint a thicker texture. With flat colours, and on an unprepared canvas (believe me I kicked myself after doing the sketch) it makes it easier to place on multiple layers of colour. The only drawback is that this medium retards the drying process. Because of this I allow myself one 5 min break to dry the canvas between coats. The gel medium is mixed with the paint in a 1:3 ratio (1 part gel to 3 parts paint). I am doing this painting in the Laundry/Brig at my home which at this time is 32 degrees celcius (or 90 degree Farinheit). This will help with this drying.
Prior to the movie starting:

I spent 20 mins laying out the canvas with the picture that I wanted to do. I did this before the movie started. I needed to do this so that I could get the paint supplies. Noooooow before you start on the rules Justice League:New Frontier goes for 75 mins so I have to factor this into the time.
As its Monday the 25th of January which is Geoff Johns' birthday I decided to do a picture of Hal Jordan. Really when you watch the film Hal Jordan really is the stand out character in this movie (this has nothing to do with my bias toward Hal- we me owning every issue of Green Lantern since 1977,which is two years before my birth).

I suppose we both got the shock of our lives

Laying out the flat colours with large brushes. 

Its that super-fast guy from Central City

This is where the gel medium was starting to screw me up here as the light fluorescent green with the medium was mixing with the darker green. Also I painted over Hal's thumb! Oh no. This did not go according to plan.

Just spam in a can

As you can see, from the previous photo showing the issue with the gel medium and with time getting away you can see that there is a LOT of white space. I figured that when I switch from the large brushes to the smaller brushes. Also I had some problems with the black brushes splattering (which I fixed using Kirby dots- I admit it). After this was laid out it was time to take that 5 min break.

5 minute break:

Weapons (slap) You son of a bitch!

After the break it was time to get rid of the white areas. The light fluro green was great to fill in the white areas. I figured that after the fluro I'd do the light green over the top if I needed to. This worked great.

The Guardians, they will......"choke"

When I get back, We'll work out a strategy

Now its time to do the blacks. BUT I HAVE 10 MINS LEFT IN THE MOVIE!!!!

This stuff is no hallucination I'll tell you that!

Working on the fine blacks I moved the painting from the easel and placed it flat on the table. I did find that this gave me much more control of the brush.
I'm going to finish this one later on this afternoon. But this is what this picture looks like at the end of the movie.

Now for the obligatory YouTube Video:

Now just as a heads up as I did this in the Laundry/Brig I did this YouTube movie using my iPod nano. On the left you'll see the makeshift rig I used to keep the nano steady. Then in iMovie I cropped the image before uploading.

The only problem is that you will see my back a lot and my recently shaved head.

What I learned from this challenge:
  1.  Setting up a workspace is a great idea. Because of this you will be seeing the Laundry/Brig again.
  2. Next time I do a painting I MUST PREPARE THE CANVAS BEFORE PAINTING! 

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