Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Great Comic Book Room Reshuffle.

There comes a time in every comic book fans life where they have to look at how they have their books set out. To bag and board or not to bag and board that is the question? (I don't bag and board by the by). Today I decided that I wasn't entirely happy with how I had my comic room and shelves set out. I have a room for books and a shelving unit in my lounge room for my favourite books.
Here is how it looked before I started

As you can see there are trades mixed with issues as an easier way, at the time, to find titles.

This meant that my books  were shelved autobiographically, like the movie High Fidelity, I went from Starman to Lazarus 5 to Ex Machina (All Tony Harris books) but not the best way to have my books.
I have also got a lot of Hardcovers and Absolutes (And Hellboy Library Editions) so I thought I should split not only trades from issues but hard covers to softcovers (except when there was a sequence- e.g. NOVA -thanks Marvel for stopping the Hardcovers...)
I then worked out all of my issues, not in alphabetical order yet but I needed to see the order before I started.
More and more and short box after short box
And to work out how to shuffle the books alphabetically I got some dividers from my LCS Impact Comicss, the best comic shop I've been to in Australia.
I had to then alphabetise the trades. I then realised that I have some trades in titles like JLA that are based in continuity and Elseworlds trades. I decided to split Elseworlds from in continuity and have each in order.
Trades then placed on the shelf (NOTE: I have changed this so that Hardcovers have their own shelf and the trades that are horizontal denote trades that are on my to read list)
Issues then placed on shelves. I did change the alphabetical order slightly (I can't break my autobiographical order entirely- Librarians would hate me) Amazing Spider-man and Web of Spider-man listed as Spider-man: Amazing and Spider-man: Web of so that Spider-man issues are together.
This was a fair bit of work but it will be so much easier to maintain.


  1. I am so jealous of this collection. I wish your photos were larger so I knew what I could slowly borrow over time.

    I do want to borrow Killing Joke next time I see you.

  2. You need to borrow Terminal City and Batman: Nine Lives (if you haven't read them). I was looking at them today that thought they would be right up your alley.