Wednesday, 2 March 2011

90 minute movie drawing challenge: Tango and Cash

Its time for this weeks 90 minute drawing challenge. This week I was challenged by my brother to do the 1989 film: Tango and Cash, (he knows where I live) which runs for 1 hour 47 minutes. In this weeks challenge I'm returning to the well and doing a pen and ink.
So before I get into the results lets go over the rules: 
  1.   Choose a film
  2. Choose a character or theme for a pic
  3. You have from the opening scene to the closing credit of said movie to attempt to finish this picture related to said movie
  4.  Sketches and layout is allowed but are included in the drawing time. The more you sketch, the less time you have to draw your final piece.
  5. Once the movie is finished (pencils or whatever medium you are using) down.
I thought I might go over the tools I used in this challenge:
This this photo I have:
  •  Wooden Mannequins*
  • Brushes
  • Pencils
  • Glass, for water
  • Coffee lid*
  • Masking tape
  • Eraser
  • Circle and ellipsis' tools*
* equals items that were not used.

No sketch this week!

No sketch this week. Working without a net people! What this photo depicts is very important. When working with Artline markers (and other felt tip pens) you need to ensure that they are all working. If they aren't working, DON'T USE THEM!!!! Its just like warming up for a marathon (I do warm up to do the challenge as well. You need to do this as your back, shoulder, wrists and fingers is constantly moving for 90 minutes plus).

Rambo? Rambo's a pussy!

OK I admit I had photos on my computer of Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone on my computer. I wanted to get the likeness right. I think I've succeeded.

Rats in a maze

Sylvester....not so much.

I think my underwear is riding into my throat

What's F.U.B.A.R?

Here I laid out the blacks using the thick brush and ink.

We're ALMOST out of gas!

To work with the fine lines and help try to create a 3D element I used a Faber-Castel PITT artist pens which come in Small (0.3mm), Medium (0.7mm) and Brush tips.

End of end credits

Just for something different I though I'd scan the image and show some detail of the characters. I really had fun this week doing the challenge.
And now for the obligatory YouTube video:
What I learned from this challenge:
  1. Sketches gets your head into the game but sometimes you CAN do without it.
  2. Photo reference is okay, especially if its a movie you don't watch often (I admit that this movie is not on my radar- But a challenge is a challenge)
  3. Turn off your phone, don't answer emails as you only have 1hr 47 minutes to do this.
  4. You need to do a life drawing course Sam!

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