Saturday, 5 March 2011

ACT Comicbook meet up: March

Today, being the first Sunday of the month, meant only one thing....time for this months ACT comic meet up. 
The ACT comic meet up is a place where I go to hang out with some mates and draw. No strictly speaking you don't have to draw to go but most of us do.
So I had a new sketchpad (and the @emmajeans rule is that the first page is always a nude self portrait..that was done but will not be posted).
Warm up sketch: Dr.Strange
Impact comics drawing challenge
The BEST comic shop in Australia, Impact comics, challenged us to draw Godzilla destroying something in Canberra. Here was my attempt with Godzilla trying to destroy Black Mountain Tower
Joe, a new member of the meet up started a conversation about the fact that Godzilla was a reaction to the nuclear bombs dropped in Japan. This made me think of Godzilla as a hippy
Then I decided to have some fun with it. Here's Godzilla waving a flag from New Parliament House and drinking from the Captain Cook water spout
Then it got weird....
Now during the week I bought Caddyshack on iTunes and dollars to doughnuts if you mention Doody to Robert he is guaranteed to crack up.

This led to this pic...
Then Some comic pics
And finally Godzillastic Four