Wednesday, 2 March 2011

90 minute movie drawing challenge: Die Hard

Its time for the 90 minute drawing challenge. This weeks film I chose was DIE HARD. I thought as its Christmas its time, as I do every year, to watch my favourite Christmas movie. So as we go into this weeks challenge it may be time, Iron Chef style, to go over therules of the 90 minute Drawing challenge
  1. Choose a movie  
  2. Choose a character or theme for the pic  
  3. You have from the opening scene to the end credits of said movie to attempt to finish a picture related to said movie.  
  4. Sketches and layout are allowed, but are included in the drawing time. The more you sketch and compose the less time you have to draw your final piece.  
  5. Once the movie is finished pencils (or whatever medium you are using) down.  

So with this movie I decided to take the sketch option. Using the first five minutes of the movie to sketch what I wanted to do.

Time: 6:00 "Okay Argyle, what do we do now"

What I decided to do with this weeks challenge to do a pic not only with the main character John McClane but also with the secondary characters of Hans Gruber and Sgt. Al Powell.
Time: 17:30 "Born Kyoto 1937"

Time: 45 min "They're for my Wife"

First mistake: I chose, instead of working on John McClane area of the page I decided to work on the Sgt. Powell. EXCEPT he doesnt show up until 45 minutes into the movie. So I'm sitting there impatiently twiddling my thumbs.
Time: 50:34 " Sorry Hans I didn't get that message"

Second Mistake: In my mind the scene on the roof with John McClane using the fire hose to escape capture was WAY earlier than where it appeared. Not so. So I'm frantically sketching to try and get the ideas down on paper.
Time: 1:03 "...Shut up!"

So I gave up on that picture of McClane and waited until the scene with the fire hose turns up. (little did I know that that was with less than 20 mins left in the movie!!!). So time to ink. I used Faber Castell brush pens and LAMY ink with a no.2 brush.
Time: 1:11 "You're very perceptive"

Time: 1:29 "I was in Junior High, Dickhead!"

Time: 1:44 End of End Credits

Arrrrgh I was so close to finishing!
What I learned from this Challenge:
  1.  Pick a scene that is earlier in the movie to base the picture on.
  2. Maybe work in A4 instead on A3. There is too much space to work with and its impossible to scan (hence the photos)

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