Thursday, 30 June 2011

Back issue showdown: Amazing Spider-man 355

This weeks back issue showdown is the 6 issue story "Round Robin: The sidekicks revenge". I picked up these issues at the Supernova comic convention. I thought I found all the issues of this story but later I found that I was missing issue 354.

These issues came out bi-weekly starting november 1991 (making this story 20 years old- BOY DO I FEEL OLD...)
This story is essentially a team up that only nineties comics can do.
In this story Spider-man teams up with:

  • The Punisher
  • Darkhawk
  • Nova
  • Moon Knight
  • Night Thrasher

So lets dive right into these issues.
Writer: Al Milgrom
Penciller: Mark Bagley

Amazing Spider-man 355 "Total eclipse of the Moon...Knight"
In our last post 353 we left our heroes trying to save a wheelchair bound old woman from being hit by a fly saucer that was piloted by Midnight. 
Now I'm missing issue 354...but I'm sure the old lady is fine.
We open this issue with Spider-man, Moon Knight and Night Thrasher on the top of Moon Knights airship. I have to ask why aren't they in this ship?
So apparently Nova has been captured by The Secret Empire. Man that last issue must have had a lot of 90's style action because we don't have any indication as to why.
So Midnight is jetpacking to the Secret Empire's hideout but can't make it because of the extra weight (aka Nova) that he's carrying. Good thing the Secret Empire have secret headquarters (now wouldn't all their headquarters be secret by definition). The secret entrance is being spied on by The Punisher!
Spider-man's spider sense starts going off which can only be one of two things: Danger OR his spider-tracer has gone off. Now he should be close enough to Midnight for his tracer to go off but as it happens its been set off by The Punisher.
Time for a 90's style team up as every soldier in the Secret Empire ready themselves to attack.
The Heroes attack the soldiers hand to hand, except for The Punisher who just shoots them.
"There'll be a reckoning between the two of us" Says Spider-man
Midnight joins the battle but it doesn't help. Night Thrasher then gets attacked by a giant sized metallic hand this is from the Iron Man wannabies known as The Seekers.
Now not these guys....
But these guys

Sonic (Not the hedgehog) shoots an energy leecher onto The Punisher. Now a leecher isn't exactly what you think of when you think  of a character called Sonic. Me I'd think he'd have sound based powers but I'm old fashioned.
The giant metal hand belongs to Grasp he shoot is other hand at Spider-man then fly off. Frenchie (guess where he's from) informs Moon Knight that he can try and pursue them but Moon Knight says no.
Uh Oh! Spider-man spider sense is tingling which could be the tracer again but no its to signify that the water tower is really a rocket and flies off not before shooting the Moon Knight (copter? Ship? What is it?)
They want to follow but can't fly after him. No time to think about that because they need to help The Punisher who is still attached to the Leecher (which I suppose is leeching something but The PUnisher has no Superpowers)
Night Thrasher cuts the leecher off The Punisher while Frenchie fixes the plane, copter thingie. The Secret Empire's Secret base that's not the secret base from before (The Empire know it pays to franchise!)
Nova gets taken to a hold cell of some description while Midnight gets scanned for bugs. Low and behold they find the Spider-tracer (which in this issue served NO PURPOSE!). Like every time they find these tracers Midnight destroy it (Much to the distain of the Secret Society who want to study it...why its not like they have Spider-sense?)
Back in the Moon Knight plane copter thingie we find that The Punisher is tripping balls. Here he reveals his origin which earns him some respect from Moon Knight and Thrasher. Now this scene is interesting because in the background they have the characters standing next to a brick wall. Now I may not know much about Moon Knight and his plane copter thingie but does it really have a brick wall inside?
MEANWHILE... back at the Secret Empire headquarters the, whatever these guys are called as a singular, explains to Thunderball (cue James Bond music) why they wanted Nova. They apparently want him to add cybernetic parts to Nova. Apparently this will make Nova weaker than before (NOW WHY DIDN'T THEY HAVE THIS DISCUSSION BEFORE!!!)
Midnight freaks out because he wants to be the only cyborg but the Secret Empire threaten to turn on the pain inducer. Midnight relents, so he gets sent for upgrades!
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